The Off Camber Motorcycle Club (OCMC) exists to promote and enhance the enjoyment of off-road motorcycle riding for current, potential and future off-road motorcycle riders in the state of Arizona.

We were formed on the west-side of the Valley Of The Sun but have founding members from all over the valley and beyond. We are an Arizona motorcycle club, and welcome Arizonans far and wide!

The charter of OCMC is simple; Fill the need for a club that promotes all aspects of off-road motorcycle riding for the whole family, and for all types of off-road riding. OCMC will be promoting and hosting everything from introductory trail rides to MX track days to sand dune trips. OCMC is also closely aligned with efforts by the AMA, The Blue Ribbon Coalition and the BLM to make every rider and potential rider of approved riding areas more aware of the efforts and practices required to preserve our riding habitat for future generations.

In addition to participating in organized area clean-up’s and hosting desert-survival training courses, OCMC will host several organized rides throughout the year that will cater to riders of all skill levels. Some rides will be just that….rides. Others will be riding clinics to enhance everyone’s skill level in order to make riding a dirt bike a safer and more enjoyable experience. These events will often be coupled with BBQ’s and pot-luck style lunches. There will also be a year-ending banquet that should be fun for the whole family!

For the racing enthusiast OCMC will be hosting at least one AMRA affiliated race per year, and will be eager to help other clubs in every way to produce the best Arizona racing events possible.






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